Bangkok market Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand is world's largest outdoor market, with nearly 10,000 booths - great place to shop and meet some friendly local people. Chatuchak Market.
Asia Thailand Bangkok: Floating Market, canal boat ride, motorcycle taxi, Golden Temple, Grand Palace, Chinatown, Patpong night market, traditional dance show at Silom Village. travel video
Bangkok parade Bangkok Parade Thailand, dancing elephants Thai dancers and elephants put on a colorful festival in Khao Son Road, parading to encourage relief for Japan.
Cambodia village Cambodian village Preah Dak, near Angkor Wat -- experience typical rural life with the local residents and their simple homes as we walk through the little village guided by the youngsters, glimpsing at the rice farms behind.
Cambodia arrival Cambodia arrival: we get a preview of our visit to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap on our way to the Sokha Angkor Resort, a 5-star deluxe hotel that will be our home for a couple of days.
Cambodia Angkor Wat Angkor Wat was a Hindu temple of heaven and earth, located near Siem Reap. A UNSECO World Heritage site, part of the world's largest religious complex, with our Cambodia tour guide, Sethy Yous.
Cambodia Angkor Thom Angkor Thom is a well-preserved historic landmark, including the South Gate, Bayon, Elephant Terrace and more. With our Cambodian tour guide, Sethy Yous.
Cambodia market New Market in Siem Reap, Cambodia makes a great place for people-watching and checking out the foods on offer. Crowded, vibrant and full of life.
Cambodia AnkorCambodia
complete 30-minute combined movie of village walk and Angkor in Siem REap area of Cambodia.
Asia Saigon Chiang Mai, Saigon and Singapore Thailand Vietnam. Chiang Mai: traditional Old Town Saigon: main covered market downtown.
Asia Indonesia Bali Java Jogjakarta Borobudur Indonesia. rice terraces, ceremonial parade, Nusa Dua, traditional Ramayana music and dance, Ubud art workshop. travel video