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Madrid Spain travel videos Madrid travel video Capital and main attraction of Spain -- a feast of fascinating sights and remarkable side-trips from this geographic center of the nation.
Toledo Spain Toledo travel video Formerly the capital of Spain, now a UNESCO World Heritage City, one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe, with original buildings.
Segovia Spain Segovia travel video Here we find the impressive Roman Aqueduct built 2000 years ago and the fortress of the Alcaza -- a Royal Castle, and site of many historical events.
Seville Santa Cruz Seville, Spain the most exciting and popular pedestrian section is the Old Town — Santa Cruz with the narrow pedestrian streets and lots of shopping and eating.
Seville center Seville’s center is one of the typically great European urban neighborhoods with a mix of residential and shopping, pedestrian lanes, neighborhood plazas, just a real people-friendly place.
Alcazar Alcázar is the royal palace of Seville, renowned as one of the most beautiful buildings in Spain, an outstanding example of mudéjar architecture.
Cathedral Cathedral of Seville is the world’s largest Gothic church -- it seems like you are strolling through a vast, indoor stone forest.
Seville Spain Seville travel video This is a theatrical and festive place that was Spain's most important city during the glorious Golden Age of exploration and conquest.
Escorial Spain Escorial travel video This mammoth palace and church complex, built for Phillip II, impresses by its gigantic size and austere style, and houses many works of art.
Granada Alhambra Spain Granada travel video We visit two of the most impressive edifices ever built -- the hilltop fortress of The Alcazaba, and the gigantic palace and garden complex of the Alhambra.
Cordoba Spain Great Mosque Cordoba travel video Two main attractions are the central pedestrian zone and the Great Mosque. Also noted for its attractive patios, this is a charming small city.
Lisbon LISBON PAGE We have so many videos of Lisbon they have their own separate page. travel video
Grand Mosque of Córdoba is most notable for its vast interior space, with 856 columns of jasper, onyx, marble, and granite.