St. Petersburg Nevsky Prospect Nevsky Prospect, the main street of St. Petersburg, is lined with shops and restaurants. Nevsky is the best shopping strip the country has to offer. 2010
St.  Petersburg 2010 Catherine Palace Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful of all Russia’s royal homes, created by Peter the Great’s daughter, Czarina Elizabeth I. 2010
St. Petersburg Spilled Blood Church on Spilled Blood is the most Russian-looking building in town, with wild, colorful spires similar to the famous St. Basil in Moscow. St. Petersburg.
St Petersburg Peterhof Peterhof was home of Peter the Great. Its Golden Cascade, has dozens of statues drenched in a huge water display, beautiful gardens and impressive palaces just outside St. Petersburg.
St Petersburg Peterhof St. Petersburg Peterhof, Golden Staircase, fountains; Catherine Palace, home of the Empress, garden setting with a lavish interior rivaling Versailles; canal boat ride. travel video
St Petersburg Nevsky Prospect St. Petersburg Victory Square memorial to one million residents killed in WWII; drive along Nevsky Prospect, the main street of town to Hotel St Petersburg.
St Petersburg Hermitage Hermitage 1   Hermitage Museum part 1, with an enormous collection that covers the entire span of art from prehistory into the modern. travel video
St Petersburg Hermitage Hermitage 2 Hermitage part 2  Olga Abramova continues our museum tour: Italian Renaissance, Baroque, Canova, Rembrandt, Potter, Classical & Egyptian.
St Petersburg Hermitage Hermitage 3 The grandest spectacle of St. Petersburg. The interior design of the palace is a big part of the experience, equalling the great works on display. travel video
St Petersburg Hermitage Hermitage 4 St. Petersburg. One of the world’s great art museums: medieval and Byzantine arts, Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionists and the 20th century.
St Petersburg Peterhof Grand Cascade St Petersburg Peterhof, the main home of Peter the Great. Golden Cascade might be the world’s most wonderful fountain with dozens of golden statues. travel video
St Petersburg Peterhof Peterhof 2: St. Petersburg. Grand fountains at the Palace of Peter the Great has 50 golden statues. This spectacular torrent is powered by gravity and flows constantly.
St Petersburg Catherine Palace St Petersburg Catherine Palace 1: created by Peter the Great’s daughter and her favorite architect, Rastrelli; it was later expanded by Catherine the Great. travel video
St Petersburg Catherine Palace Catherine Palace 2: The palace is named after Peter's wife, Catherine I, who died 30 years before the palace was begun in the mid 18th century. St. Petersburg travel video
St Petersburg St Isaacs St Petersburg tour 1  Peter the Great equestrian statue, St Isaacs Cathedral, Hotel Astoria, Church on Spilled Blood. travel video
St Petersburg Nevsky Prospect St. Petersburg tour 2 main street, Nevsky Prospect, Grand Europe Hotel and more. Tour conducted by Olga Abramova, director of marketing, St. Petersburg Hotel. travel video
St Petersburg St. Peter and Paul Peter and Paul Fortress: Saint Petersburg began with this fortress, built on and island in the Neva River in 1703 for Peter the Great, with tombs of the tsars.
St. Petersburg canal Gourmet dinner at one of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg. Russian cuisine can be superb, with borscht, caviar. sturgeon, venison and vodka.