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PortofinoPORTOFINO Our recent visit in 2013 to this beautiful waterfront village.
ManarolaMANAROLA in Cinque Terre during our 2013 visit.
MonterossoMONTEROSSO in Cinque Terre during our 2013 visit.
RiomaggioreRIOMAGGIORE in Cinque Terre during our 2013 visit.
VernazzaVERNAZZA in Cinque Terre during our 2013 visit.
Santa MArgheritaSANTA MARGHERITA during our 2013 visit.
Portofino Italy 1 Portofino 1: This classic seaside village along the northwest coast of Italy is preserved in the old-fashioned style as a designated national historic treasure. travel video
Portofino Italy 2 Portofino 2: with its little bay and colorful square surrounded by lush green hills, has been a long-time favorite of the visitor, yet still retains much of its charming old atmosphere.
Portofino Italy 3 Portofino 3: Sitting at an outdoor café in the little fishing harbor, we enjoy a great conversation with Emilio, a Portofino native full of gusto for his home town.
Santa Margherita Italy Santa Margherita, only a few miles from Portofino, provides the perfect place to stay while visiting the area, with affordable hotels, restaurants, pleasant, seaside atmosphere.
Cinque Terre Italy 1 Monterosso, Vernazza and Corniglia. These villages of Cinque Terre cling to the steep Mediterranean shores of northwest Italy. A very magical place.
Cinque Terre 2 Manarola, Riomaggiore and Portovenere. Three of the prime villages of this beautiful coastline of Italy -- no cars allowed, just walking, boats and train.
Cinque Terre, Italy Vernazza Enjoy the seaside village of Vernazza where you can celebrate with great Italian food and wine at an outdoor restaurant.
Riomaggiore Here too you see that familiar pattern -- the houses tumbling down the cliffs to the water’s edge and a main pedestrian street rising up from the tiny cove, surrounded by terraced homes covering the hillside.
Monterosso Another beautiful seaside village you do not want to miss! It's a surprising mix of urban density in the midst of a tranquil, rural setting. 
Manarolla From the Manarola train station there is a short, pedestrian tunnel that goes under the tracks, to the beautiful, azure shores of the Mediterranean.
Corniglia This one is perched high up on the hill, with no direct access to the sea, so prepare to climb steps if you wish to explore this tiny place.
Cinque Terre, Italy 4 local experts Two brothers who own hotels in Monterosso fill us in on a little history and offer tips on exploring these Five Lands.
Hike the trail in the Cinque Terre region of Italy from Monterosso to Vernazza, which offers one of the grand walking experiences of Europe through enchanting vineyards and along cliff edges.
Portovenere an ultra-picturesque little harbor, dotted with small craft at anchor and framed by a picturesque row of pastel-colored facades lining the waterfront.