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The biggest city in the world. with a mix of towering modern skyscrapers and old, traditional alley homes.

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A place of great historic importance and beauty, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Lijiang China2Lijiang China walking tour in the Old Town, a place of great historic importance and beauty. This was photographed before the crowds got here.
Lijiang China3Lijiang China. Walking tour continues through the Old Town of this ancient village in Yunnan Province near Tibet, a very exotic place.
Lijiang ChinaLijiang China walking tour in the narrow lanes and market squares of this historic town continues, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Lijiang China1Lijiang, China Visit the country near this historic town in China, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
dancersLijiang, China dancers perform in several lovely traditional Chinese dance of this region, with live orchestra.
Shanghai Introduction. We take a quick look at this very modern and busy city, including the EXPO World Fair.
Video tours of the main highlights of Shanghai, featuring walking tours in the city and visits to many of the major and minor pavilions in the EXPO, largest world's fair ever, filled with spectacular displays.
Shanghai walking tour Walking Tour of Shanghai, through the vibrant streets of this fascinating city, which has some of the most lively neighborhoods you have ever seen.
Shanghai French Concession French Concession is one of the nicest districts in Shanghai with many shops, restaurants, galleries and lovely streets for strolling, as we see in this walking tour.
Shanghai downtown Downtown Shanghai is one of the world's greatest places for walking, along Nanjing and Fuzhou Roads, filled with life, color, food, shops, people everywhere, so much fun!
Suzhou Suzhou is a city famous for Chinese Classical Gardens, located just one hour from Shanghai. It makes a perfect day-trip.
ZhouZhuang ZhouZhuang delights with little canals, historic buildings, and singing boat-ladies. Located one hour from Shanghai, it is a great day-trip.
Shanghai EXPO 2010 Shanghai & EXPO 2010 summary: Shanghai is host to EXPO 2010, a spectacular world's fair in an amazing city. We show you the highlights in this summary.
China Pavilion EXPO 2010 Shanghai EXPO 2010 Shanghai main pavilions: The China Pavilion at EXPO features a giant animated painting, futuristic ride, multimedia, also we visit Urbanian Pavilion.
Expo 2010 Shanghai Russia Pavilion Russia Pavilion at Shanghai EXPO 2010 is among the best, leading you into a magical children's garden of dreams for the future.
Expo 2010 Shanghai Americas Asia EXPO 2010 Shanghai Americas & Asia: quick look into the Caribbean, Mexico, Central & South America, Vietnam, and Israel, Japan and Saudi Arabia.
Expo 2010 Shanghai State Grid EXPO 2010 Shanghai State Grid & Puxi: China's power company puts on a dazzling multimedia show; Urban Best Practices, ferry ride and EXPO at night.
Expo 2010 Shanghai Food EXPO 2010 Shanghai China food court. Delicious meals from 50 different regions of China are offered in this lively food court, featuring a full dinner for about $5.
Expo 2010 Shanghai dancing EXPO 2010 Shanghai Exotic Dancers: Five beautiful young ladies perform a sensual dance in a sidewalk show at EXPO.
Expo 2010 Shanghai Mongolia dance EXPO 2010 Shanghai Inner Mongolian Dancers: a large group of dancers from Inner Mongolia perform traditional and modern styles.
Expo europe Europe combined: Cyprus, San Marino, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Canada, Ireland,
EXPO Armenia,Egypt Quick look at many EXPO 2010 pavilions including Armenia, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Latvia, Sweden, and a close look at Italy.
EXPO Footprint Footprint: one of the major Theme Pavilions brings us through the history of various important cities, including Rome, Troy, Florence, Siena and Babylon, with our local guide.
EXPO Shanghai EXPO 2010 was hosted by Shanghai, which has a major pavilion with multimedia presentations about the history and future development of this amazing place.
EXPO performers Music and dance shows were presented every day and every night at EXPO 2010. Here we bring you two of them.
Expo 2010 Shanghai comments Shanghai comments: we reflect back on our trip to Shanghai and EXPO 2010.