egypt map Egypt, Turkey & Greece 2010 tour: We experience the greatest monuments of the ancient world, while immersing ourselves in the contemporary life of these special places.
Athens Greece Agora temple Athens travel video orientation, walk through town including Changing the Guards at Parliament Square. This is a great place to shop.
Athens Plaka Greece Plaka in Athens is filled with shops and exceptional charm. There is much to explore -- wander down the little side streets to find the most interesting sights. travel video
Athens Greece  city tour Kolonaki AthensBus tour with a local guide viewing city highlights of Athens including the Parthenon on the Acropolis, the most immportant and famous temple of Greek antiquity.
athens view Athens Beginning our tour of Greece with arrival in Athens and a walk through Plaka, Ermou St. and the National Gardens.
Corinth Epidauros Greece Epidauros and Corinth visiting Epidauros, an ancient theater still used today, and the important early site of Corinth in the Peloponnese, Greece.
Mycaenae Greece Mycaenae, travel video: built around 1250 B.C. Visiting the archaeological sites of the "Treasury of Atreus," Tomb of Agamemnon, Lion Gate and Beehive Tombs.
Nafplion Olympia Greece Nafplion and Olympia Nafplion today is one of the country's most charming villages; and Olympia, birthplace of the games, in Peloponnese, Greece.
Nafpaktos Arachova Greece Naupaktos and Arachova: Continuing our bus tour, we visit the tiny fishing harbor at Naupaktos and Arachova, on the Greece mainland. travel video
Delphi Greece Delphi part 1 visiting the ancient site of Delphi, home of the Oracle and center of the universe. The views are among the finest in Greece from the top of the theater.
Delphi Greece Delphi part 2 continuing our visit to the sacred site of Delphi, Greece, walking through more of the beautiful ruins and through the museum with our guide.
Delphi Greece Delphi part 3 Concluding our detailed visit to Delphi with more of the museum, and the temple of Athena in the lower section, with three picturesque columns still standing.
Osios Loukas Greece Byzantine monastery of Osios Loukas makes a fine stop on our ride from Delphi back to Athens, and we enjoy another great meal nearby.
Rhodes Greece Rhodes part 1: The cruise ship arrives early in the morning at Rhodes, one of the world's most spectacular ancient towns, with two huge medieval walls encircling the town.
Santorini, Rhodes, Patmos, Greece Rhodes part 2, Patmos, Ephesus & Santorini. More of Rhodes, then we cruise to Patmos, Ephesus and then to Santorini, famous for whitewashed cubic homes on the cliff.
Mykonos Greece Mykonos part 1 The perfect beauty of this little town has made Mykonos one of the world's most attractive islands. We see a festive parade, walk the alleys and dine at Nikos Taverna.
Mykonos Greece Mykonos part 2 This quaint village of white-washed, cubic buildings rubbing up against the sandy shore, is a dream. Little Venice, Paraportiani, and outdoor restaurants.
singer Greek music and dance Enjoy a beautiful evening of singing and Greek dance on board Louis Cruise's Cristal on a voyage through the Greek Isles.
ABBA Greek Cruise Another big performance, this time the best of ABBA. Every night on the Louis Cruises in the Greek Isles there is a great show -- each night something new.
Patmos Patmos 1 The Greek island of Patmos is small but has several beautiful attractions, with a lovely harbor lined with cafes and sprinkled with fishing boats.
Patmos Patmos 2 Two-part video visiting the Greek Island of Patmos, famous for the Monastery of St. John, and the Chora, an old-fashioned village we visit.
Patmos monasteryPATMOS We visit the Monastery of St. John, a beautiful, fortified church and cloister on top of the hill, and then stroll through the narrow lanes of the Chora.