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Rome Piazza Navona Piazza Navona Ponte St. Angelo, Pantheon, Piazza di Pireta, Via del Corso, Via della Croce, Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain, Via Giubanari, Campo dei Fiori.
Rome Campo dei Fiori Summary short recap of Rome: arrival, walk to Pantheon, Campo dei Fiori, SM Sopra Minerva, St Ignazio, Diocletian Baths, llttle alleys, dinner outdoors, depart.
Rome Giolitti gelato Piazza di Spagna Via Condoti, Via del Corso, Giolitti for some of the best gelato; walking small lanes at night is totally safe and wonderful - shops and restaurants.
Rome 2011 2

morning walk

we visit Campo dei Fiori, little lanes, Chiesa Nuova, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps.
Rome Trastevere Trastevere a stroll across the Tiber in the early evening brings you to one of Rome’s favorite spots--quiet cobbled lanes lined with restaurants, Piazza Santa Maria.
Rome Forum Highlights Rome street markets, Ghetto, Teatro Marcello, Roman Forum, Colosseum, Trajans Market, Chiesa Nuova, Ponte St Angelo, V.d. Coronari, evening walk in lanes.
Rome Forum Capitoline il Gesu, Ghetto, Portico of Octavia; Capitoline Hill, statue of Marcus Aurelius, Capitoline Museum; Roman Forum; Colosseum.
Rome St. Peter's Basilica Vatican St Peters 1 tour inside the basilica: a noble space with 500 statues, 45 altars, crypts, Michelangelo’s dome, Pieta, Bernini’s Baladacchino, angels galore.
Rome St. Peter's Basiliac inside St Peters 2 continuing our tour of the basilica and piazza. St. Peters is the most spectacular room ever built!  You could easily spend an hour discovering the details.
Rome Pantheon Pantheon detailed look. This perfect structure is still standing with its great dome intact after 1900 years - largest dome in the world until this century.
Rome St Andrea della Valle Rome Campo dei Fiori at dawn, breakfast at Tiziano, Vatican Museum, St Peter’s Basilica, S Andrea della Valle, lunch at Ditirambo.
Rome  Piazza Navona Piazzas upon arrival head right to Campo dei Fiori; pasta lunch, walk with local guide Judy Reeves to Piazza Navona, into San Luigi dei Francesci,il Gesu, SM Minerva and more Rome travel.
Rome Fountain of Four Rivers Rome Piazza Navona, Pantheon, the outdoor living room of Rome, Italy.
Rome LArgo Argentina . Rome lunch at Passetto, Largo Argentina, Palazzo Altemps, Tiziano Hotel, Piazza Navona, SC ai Catinari, Campo dei Fiori, Ponte St Angelo, Chiesa Nuova, Ristorante Costanza.
Rome 2011 5

Piazza Navona

Considered one of the most beautiful and lively outdoor spaces in the world, you will probably return here several times, for it is centrally located and interesting at all hours.
Rome 2011 9 small lanes Sant Andrea della Valle, is elaborately decorated in the Baroque style. Nearby, Via Giubbonari, is one of the most charming streets in Rome, still lined with shops selling clothing as it has for centuries.
Rome restaurants Various  Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, Trevi Fountain, Campo dei Fiori, Ponte St Angelo, Via dei Coronari, Piazza Navona, outdoor lunch. Rome, Europe's most historic city.
Rome Piazza Navona St Agnese Navona lunch at Teatro di Pompeo, Piazza Navona, with its St. Agnese Church by Borromini, and Fountain of Four Rivers.
Rome SM Minerva to Spagna Piazza Navona, Fountain of Four Rivers, Pantheon, SM Minerva, St Ignazio, Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna, Giolitti, SM Madalena.
Rome streets Rome walking the historic streets, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Corso, dinner at Ristorante 34, Santa Maria Maggiore.
Rome Fountain of the Turtles Variety walk to Spagna, consider various restaurants, morning walk, SM della Minerva, Largo Argentina, Fountain of the Turtles, Campo dei Fiori.
Rome 2011 11evening Rome at night is a perfect place for walking in the little pedestrian lanes, or sitting at an outdoor restaurant enjoying the great food and views.
Rome hotelHotel Santa Chiara Located in the heart of historic Rome, this affordable 3-star hotel is an excellent place to stay. Located one block from the Pantheon and a few minutes walk from Piazza Navona and Trevi Fountain.
Rome Trevi Fountain Fontana di Trevi St. Ignazio, with its illusionistic ceiling mural painted during the 17th century; Trevi Fountain, St. Andrea delle Fratte, with two angels by Bernini.
Rome alla Rampa Historic center walking tour: S.M. Madalena, S. Ignazio, Corso, Trevi Fountain, S. Andrea della Fratte, alla Rampa Restaurant, Spagna, Re Degli Amicci.
Rome street Intro arrival, Trevi Fountain, St Ignazio, walk lanes to Pantheon, Piazza della Rotunda, Giolitti for gelato, Spagna, metro.
Rome Giolitti gelato Walking Giolitti, Pantheon, St Ignazio, S Carlo ai Catinari, Campo dei Fiori, Chiesa Nuova, Ponte St Angelo.
Rome 2012 - 2Arrive walk, lunch, Trevi, dinner, and Sant Andrea Della Valle, with the second highest dome in the city, after St. Peter's.
Rome 2011 10Guided walkCancelleria, walking on via Pellegrino with our local guide, having a look into a quaint residential courtyard
Rome 2013historic center Visiting a typical Roman neighborhood along Via della Scrofa,Via di Pallacorda, and walking on Via di Campo Marzio provides a glimpse of authentic life in the busy streets.
Rome Via dei Coronari Via Giulia Ponte St. Angelo, Via dei Coronari: a delightful series of narrow pedestrian lanes for wandering through, another charming slice of Roman life.
Rome  alley cafe night & morning Piazza delle Coppelle, night lanes, Piazza Navona, Chiesa Nuova, Ponte Sant’ Angelo, SM della Pace, v.d. Corso, Piazza di Spagna, v.d. Giubbonari.
Rome Chiesa Nuova morning walk talk in hotel, walk to il Gesu, Largo Argentina, Campo dei Fiori, walk narrow lanes to Chiesa Nuova, Ponte St Angelo, Via dei Coronari, SM della Pace, Piazza Navona.
Rome Farnese Palace Rome walking tour, Piazza Farnese, Via Giulia, narrow lanes, Chiesa Nuova, via dei Coronari, Piazza Navona, gelato at Giolitti.
Rome Capitoline Museum museums walking tour on Corso to Pantheon, Via Giubanarri, narrow lanes, Galleria Doria Pamphili, restaurants, Capitoline Museum detailed visit.
Rome 2011 8Piazza Farnese Palazzo Farnese is a most impressive palace, home of the French Embassy now, but with a grand history dating back to the Renaissance, partly designed by Michelangelo. We continue along Via Giulia
Rome 2011 6Great Food Da Luigi restaurant, a fine local establishment in business for many years. Enter the kitchen and see how professionals make pasta.
Rome St Paul Rome, Giolitti, Pantheon, St Paul, St Peter’s, Vatican, Via Giubanarri, Campo dei Fiori, Ponte St Angelo, Ca d’Oro granita, Via del Corso, Spagna.
Rome Campo dei Fiori Colosseum Arrival Campo dei Fiori outdoor veggie market; walk in the little lanes to Piazza Navona, Colosseum, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva; comments.
Rome Vatican Museum Sistine Chapel Adam Michelangelo Campo dei Fiori outdoor produce market; Vatican Museum, with thousands of artistic treasures, Sistine Chapel; St. Peter's Basilica.
Rome  Campo dei Fiori Campo dei Fiori detailed visit. This veggie market in the heart of town is always wonderful to see, as we show here with yet another look at this favorite Roman site.
rome capitoline hill Rome 2010 Campo dei Fiori, talk with regular vendor Sonia Proietta, then walk on Via Giubbonari to the Ghetto, Teatro Marcello, Capitoline Hill.
Rome 2011 4 Campo dei Fiori Rome's best outdoor fruit and vegetable market, teeming with friendly people, tasty fruits, vibrant colors, animated conversations.
Rome 2012 - 1Dawn Campo dei Fiori sunrise. This lively piazza is one of the major focal points of the city, just three blocks south of Piazza Navona.
Rome San Carlino Repubblica Piazza della Repubblica, Baths of Diocletian, SM della Vittoria, S Carlo ai Quatro Fontane, Bernini’s St. Andrea, Rome, and tour the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel.
Rome Spagna streets Corso via del Corso, metro from Spagna, S. Pietro in Vincoli, Michelangelo’s Moses, Basilica di S. Clemente, Temple of Mithras, Spagna shopping streets, in Rome.
Rome 2011 3Forum Lunch at Campo dei Fiori, visit to the Pantheon, Roman Forum and Colloseum, and more.


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