Old Town walking tour Visiting Zurich on a day trip from Lucerne. The Old Town of Zurich is even larger than that in Lucerne. Many cobble lanes for pedestrians will lead you on a delightful walk. We look inside the Grossmunster cathedral and its cloister. Another great meal at Hiltl completes the day.
Morning market at foot of Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, then continue our little walk on Oberdorfstrasse, Kirchgasse to Cafe Schober and Schwarzenbach food store on Niederdorfstrasse. We also see a three-dimensional model of Zurich’s Old Town.
Walk through Zurich’s Old Town then connect over to Lindenhof and Bahnhofstrasse, continue to dinner at Hiltl. With the right strategies you can see this slightly expensive city without spending a fortune, especially when you exprience the main visitor attractions.
In Zurich’s Old Town we see the Neumarkt and Rindermarkt, to Predigergasse, and the Grossmunster, then to Schipfe, the oldest part of Zurich. We see the Rathaus, Fraumunster, Borsenstrasse, and the Bahnhof train station.
From Locarno north by train is a scenic journey that soon brings you to Zurich. It is delightful to wander in Zurich's enchanting little alleys which lead through an ancient town founded during the Middle Ages. It’s an easy city to cover on foot, which is always the best and cheapest way to see any historic town.
Zurich is the world's best city in which to live, with the highest quality of life, according to recent studies‚ which also makes it a perfect place to visit. Visitors can take pleasure in Zurich's wonderful lifestyle, enjoying friendly, efficient services while exploring many fascinating sights in the large pedestrian zone.
Hiltl Restaurant, in Zurich -- detailed visit. We talk with Rolf Hiltl, fourth-generation owner of Hiltl Restaurant, founded in Zurich in 1898, making it Europe's oldest vegetarian restaurant. The staff describes the various foods, with over 100 delicious items in the vegetarian buffet, and we visit the cooking school.
Explore Zurich's cobbled lanes, sidewalk cafes, shops and people enjoying the good life; plus there is a modern side along the Bahnhoffstrasse. With just under 400,000 people, Zurich is an ideal place to stay for three days -- enjoy the beautiful Old Town of cobbled lanes lined with historic buildings and numerous fine shops and restaurants.