Lugano and Locarno Locarno is in the southern part of Switzerland in the region known as the Ticino. Locarno is a pretty little resort town along the shores of Lake Maggiore. Locarno has a historic Old Town atmosphere with arcaded sidewalks, cobbled lanes and a sizeable pedestrian zone containing many shops and decent restaurants.
Lugano and Locarno Ascona, Switzerland, is famous for its mild climate, its Old Town and a lake promenade which is dotted with street cafés and boasts a Latin ambience. We enjoyed a great walk along the lake with nice weather and so it was a very good day. Very nice and relaxing place for whole family. Then we take the boat back to Locarno.
Lugano and Locarno Lugano, in the southern Italian-speaking Swiss canton of Ticino, which borders Italy, is home to a number of historic buildings, while the surrounding area has many pretty natural sights. We are now in the best of all possible worlds, with the efficiency of Switzerland while enjoying the romance of Italy.
Lugano and Locarno Gandria is a village on the northern shore of Lake Lugano. The historically protected center of the village of Gandria, is so small there are no cars in the center and the “streets” are staircases climbing the hill. Gandria is an unspoiled, picturesque lakeside village at the foot of Monte Brè.
Lugano and Locarno Locarno offers a rather surprising Italian-style culture, in the southern part of Switzerland. We take a boat ride across Lake Maggiore to the little village of Magadino, then a short bus ride to Ascona, a picture-perfect village on the lake. And visit deep valleys including Vallemaggia with its quaint village of Binasco.
Lugano and Locarno In Lugano, Switzerland, the Italian essence brings us the world's most popular cuisine, pastel, stucco buildings, musical language, relaxed attitudes, couture fashion, old-world charms...while we get the modern efficiency and courtesy of the clean Swiss. One cannot hope for much more than this rich mixture.
Lugano and Locarno We are going to take you on an epic train ride through the Alps from Zermatt down south to Locarno riding on four different trains during this day's journey to get you there. The route goes through the Centovalli (the Hundred Valleys region) of Italy and Switzerland.

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