Zermatt Gornergrat rack railway in Zermatt, Switzerland, takes you up the mountain for a stunning look at 29 snow-covered Alpine peaks reaching above 12,000 feet, displaying one of the most amazing mountain panoramas in all the Alps. This is the very center of the Alpine range, including Europe's highest peak, Monte Rosa and other mountains in the surrounding vista. This railway is the second highest mountain-railway in Europe, with the highest outdoor train station (10,137feet).
Zermatt Heading by train back down the Gornergrat mountain, but instead of riding all the way down this rack railroad we decide to walk part of the way down. And it's a nice hike down -- downhill, and downhill, and downhill, it's all downhill, with fabulous views of the Matterhorn and other Alpine peaks. You kind of get into the groove and enjoy the scenery, especially with the Matterhorn off there in the distance. And you can kind of float down when you get into the flow.
Zermatt Sunnegga, a mountain high above Zermatt town in Switzerland, is a lovely place to hike. We ride a funicular up and then we are going to walk down the left side back into Zermatt. It is a gentle slope with some forest and open terrain. You do not have to be in any kind of special physical condition to make this hike, it's really quite easy.
Zermatt "Hiking down the right side in this segment, to the bottom of Sunnegga mountain. Actually going to the right is a little bit more of a forested trail winding through a slightly steeper hill. Getting into the characteristic zigzag cut of the trail, it's going steeper downhill but still it's been planned so that the slope is very easy for anybody to cover.
Zermatt Zermatt, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful towns in the Alps, surrounded by mountain peaks up to 15,000 feet high. The quaint little village of Zermatt is situated in the midst of woods and pastures, in a mountain-girded valley, nearly 5,500 feet above the level of the sea. All streets in town are for pedestrians, narrow and lined with shops, restaurants, hotels and inns near the rail station.
Zermatt Zermatt is reached by train, passing through wild mountain scenery and tranquil valleys on the way. Right away we ride the Gornergrat rack railway, one of the highest in Europe, for stunning look at dozens of mountain peaks all around. Then we hike half-way down to the valley bottom on an easy, scenic trail.
Zermatt Kleine Matterhorn in Zermatt is reached by Europe's highest cable car, reaching 12,533 feet, offering a close look at the famous Matterhorn. People ski year-round at this extreme height, so you will see lots of snowboard and skiing action. On the way back down you can get off the cablecar at an intermediate station and walk the rest of the way down the mountain on a very easy, gentle trail through meadows filled with wildflowers, and more majestic mountain views.
Zermatt Alpine Swiss resort village of Zermatt is surrounded by some of Europe's highest mountains that shelter it from the outside world. Like mythical Shangri-La in the Himalayas, Zermatt is a magical wonderland. We settle into this popular village and look up to see the most famous mountain in all of Europe, the Matterhorn, which rises to an altitude of 14,070 feet in a distinctive vertical thrust-one of the most dramatic sights in the world!
Zermatt Zermatt offers a variety of activities, including pleasant walks on the easy trails that lead out from the village. There are no cars allowed in town, so we can really relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, amidst the spectacular setting of Alpine peaks all around us. After hotel check-in we walk through town and watch the parade of goats. We then ride the rack rail to the top of Gornergrat for the most spectacular Alpine view.
Zermatt Kleine Matterhorn is the highest cable-car ride in the Alps, offering great views of the Matterhorn and many peaks all around. They ski all summer long up here where the air is thin, at 12,000 feet. Kleine Matterhorn is just next to the Matterhorn itself. You have to change cable cars several times and there's several alternative routes that you can take on the way up. Then ride back halfway and walk along a perfect trail to Zermatt town.
Zermatt Zermatt, Switzerland: We enjoy a wonderful musical dinner at the Schweitzer Stubli at Schweitzerhof Hotel. Located in the heart of town, this famous restaurant features traditional Swiss music in the evening and excellent local food, enjoying our musical dinner at Stubli.

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