TokyoTokyo 1 Arriving at Narita airport, take a side trip to Narita town, then into downtown Tokyo, staying at Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, going up several skyscrapers, to see museums and enjoy the view, including the Metropolitan Towers, Shinjuku Sumitomo, Sampo Japan
Tokyo2Tokyo 2 Crossing from Shinjuku west through the worlds largest train station to east, a major shopping district filled with trendy people. Then we move to Shibuya district, packed with young folks, staying at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel.
Tokyo3Tokyo 3 Asakusa temple and shopping area is one of the most traditional, old-fashioned parts of Tokyo, then to Ginza, a very upscale shopping district. Back to Shibuya, to Takeshita St. with the young crowd, then upscale Omotesando and finally, Ropongi Hills superblock.
Fuji and HakoneHakone: Trip to Hakone, stopping along the way to view Mt. Fuji, then staying at a spa hotel in the lakeside resort town of Hakone.

The following movies are all set in Kyoto.

In this series we’re going to take you on some wonderful strolls through the gardens, around the temples and into downtown, and show you the highlights of this magnificent city of Kyoto, Japan. You can also watch them all in our YouTube playlist on Kyoto.
Kyoto Kyoto, Japan, offers superb cultural treasures and a variety of sensual delights, especially garden landscapes with their winding paths, tranquil ponds, stately trees, lush vegetation and traditional wooden temples.
InariFushimi Inari Taisha shrine in Kyoto, Japan is most famous for its long rows of vermilion Torii gates, nearly 5000 gates in all. The main attraction is that vast network of Torii gates.
Tofuku-ji Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan is considered one of the five great Zen temples of Kyoto. At this temple complex of Tofuku-ji there are about a dozen sub-temples.
Heian jingo in Kyoto, Japan. This is actually one of the newer temples in Kyoto, built at the end of the 19th century, and of course built in a very traditional style.
Kiyomizu dera is the most popular temple in all of Kyoto, Japan. The main hall is the most spectacular single item here. It’s up on large wooden stilts and designated as a national treasure.
Philosopher Path and Honen: We're taking a stroll on the Philosophers Path in Kyoto, Japan and continuing to Honen-in temple and gardens. It's just about 1 mile long and very pleasant.
Nanzen Ji in Kyoto, Japan is a vast complex with numerous subtemples, gardens and shrines sprawling up the hillside, including another pebble garden, hiking trails, waterfalls and a mountain glen.
MaruyamaMaruyama Park, in Kyoto, Japan has an enchanting pond encircled by pretty landscaping with a picturesque foot-bridge in the center. So this is really one of the most popular strolls in all of Kyoto.
Chion in is the main temple of the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism which has millions of followers throughout the country and 7000 other temples but Chion-in is the main temple where this branch of Buddhism was created by Honen way back in the 12th century.
Ginkaku ji in Kyoto, Japan is one of the prettiest of all of the temples and gardens in Kyoto. It's in the tsukiyama style of hillside garden, a lyrical dreamscape of ponds surrounded by gardens
Shopping streets: in Kyoto, Japan, we're going shopping on the lanes near two major temples, Kiyomizu-dera and Ginkaku-ji. There are some small shops inside the temple but the main action for shopping is outside on the pedestrian lanes
Gion and downtown: you'll also find that downtown Kyoto is very appealing. It's a busy modern shopping area that features a couple of major boulevards, and the little side streets are where you want to venture.
KyotoKyoto 1 train to Kyoto, bus tour, Heian-Jingu temple, Gion district and side streets, Shijo-Dori, Hanami-Koji, Shinbashi, downtown shopping at night, Shinkyogoku mall, Tosai Vegetarian restaurant
Kyoto2Kyoto 2 Fushi-Inari-taisha Shrine, Tofuku-Ji, metro ride, shopping street, Kiyomizu-Dera.
Kyoto3Kyoto 3 views of Kyoto, Sannenzaka shopping street, Maruyama Park, Gion, downtown Kyoto,Biotei vegetarian restaurant, Philosophers Path.
Kyoto4Kyoto 4 Walking on Philosopher's Path, temple gardens of Honen-In, Ginkaku-Ji, shopping street, Nanzen-Ji, Chion-In, train station departure.