Egypt Egypt introduction, summary of trip: Luxor markets, pyramids, Giza camels, Nile cruise, Aswan, felucca ride, Cairo bazaar, cruise ship party and dinner. travel video
egypt map Egypt, Turkey & Greece 2010 tour: We experience the greatest monuments of the ancient world, while immersing ourselves in the contemporary life of these special places.
Egypt begins Cairo begins: arrival at Cairo airport, greeted by Hussein Abdou, our tour manager, taking us to the Ramses Hilton to begin our visit to Egypt.
Egypt pyramids The Great Pyramid Built 4,500 years ago, this monument is the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World. We listen to our guide Tamer Atallah then we go inside.
Egypt Sphinx Sphinx and Camels While at the pyramid you can ride on a camel across the desert. The Great Sphinx still presents many mysteries.
Egypt Cairo Pyramids Pyramids The only Wonder of the Ancient World still with us, this site will not disappoint. One fun way to experience it is on a camel , but be sure to set the price before you ride.
Egypt Pyramids and Bazaar: Perhaps the world's greatest historic sight, the Great Pyramid -- we take you inside!! Also, the Sphinx, Memphis and Saqqara. Khan el-Khalili bazaar.
Egypt Khan el Kalili Khan el Kalili: Cairo's huge outdoor market is a feast for the senses, especially a few blocks away from the main tourist lane where you dive into the busy local street scene.
Egypt Cairo bazaar Khan al Kahili Bazaar in downtown Cairo, with tips on how to navigate this huge area. Get away from the main lane into the side alleys for authentic atmosphere.
Egypt Cairo downtown Cairo Downtown: Walk through some heavy traffic like a local, to discover the urban pleasures of modern Cairo, an impressive city often missed by the visitor. travel video
Egypt Cairo Museum Egyptian Egyptian Museum part 1 Our guide Sami Hassan brings us through the museum explaining about Alexander the Great and Cleoptra, then to the treasures of King Tut.
Egypt Cairo museum Egyptian Museum part 2 treasures of King Tut -- artifacts of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, whose almost intact tomb was found in the Valley of the Kings. travel video
Egypt Cairo museum Egyptian Museum part 3: We continue our detailed look at more treasures of King Tut, and the mysterious Akhenaton, the world's first monotheistic ruler.
Egypt Cairo Memphis Saqqara Cairo, Memphis, Saqqara, Pyramids. Cairo summary, starting from our Marriot Hotel, to the bazaar, museum, and the pyramids at Saqqara and Giza; we find a gold cartouche.
Egypt comments Begin the trip with the expectations of our travelers: what are they most looking forward to in Egypt? Interviewed in LA before arriving in Egypt.
Egypt comments Comments from our travelers about the trip as we are winding down, ending the tour and getting ready to fly home. travel video
Egypt interviews Comments: We talk about some of the highlights of our trip to Egypt. Favorite sight? The pyramids!
Egypt comments More comments from our travelers about trip highlights of Egypt touching on the pyramids of course, and other experiences that were most memorable. travel video