Vietnam introduction Vietnam: Quick summary of visit to Hanoi, Hue and Hoi Anh, some of Vietnam's highlights.
Saigon motorcycles Saigon tour Sitting on the back of a motorcycle taxi is a great way to see this fascinating place.
Saigon motorcycle Saigon motorcycle tour part 2: Dramatic and fast-paced motorcycle tour of Saigon traveling from one end of the city to the other.
Saigon restaurants Saigon, Vietnam, is a very reasonable place to visit, pricewise, so of course you'll find excellent food with low prices.
Ben Thanh mnarket Saigon Saigon's Ben Thanh market is one of the highlights of any trip to Saigon, Vietnam. It's a great place for people-watching, also for low prices on quality clothing.
Hanoi Hanoi has a most interesting Old Quarter that we explore in our brief visit. Capital of Vietnam, this lively city is one of the world's great destinations.
hanoi cyclo Hanoi cyclo1 Touring Hanoi by cyclo is a great way to see the Old Quarter, a busy neighborhood with beautiful sights.
hanoi cyclo2 Hanoi cyclo 2 our tour of Hanoi's Old Quarter by cyclo, a pedal-driven bicycle with a seat in front, providing a clear view of the sights.
Hanoi Vietnam travel videoHanoi cyclo 3, continuing through the Old Quarter by cyclo is a perfect way to see the many shops and people in the streets.
Hanoi Vietnam travel video2Hanoi traffic how to survive the traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam, short version, travel video
Hanoi Vietnam travel video3Hanoi walkWalking tour part 1 in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam.
Hanoi's Old Quarter is one of the great destinations in Asia, densely packed with open store-fronts, lots of people, scooters buzzing by.
Hanoi, Vietnam. Shopping including the big indoor market. Then we go to a very modern shopping mall, much different than the Old Quarter of Hanoi.
Hanoi Traffic longer version. The busy streets of the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam are endlessly fascinating, buzzing with activity.
Hanoi Vietnam travel video4Hanoi walk 2 a walking tour in the fascinating Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam. continuation from part 1.
Hue Hue, former capital of Vietnam, has many important historic sites including the emperor's Citadel. An evening stroll in downtown should also be part of your plan.
Halong Bay Halong Bay: Overnight cruise on Vietnam's famous bay, sprinkled with vertical islands made of limestone and big caves inside, cruising on the 5-star deluxe Emeraude.
Hoi Anh Hoi Anh in central Vietnam is a very well-preserved small city with historic architecture reflecting mixed influences from China, Japan and Vietnam.