Nice to Nice: Traveling by train from Avignon to Nice, in Provence, France, is a delightful journey to one of the beauty spots of the French Riviera.
Nice Monaco Nice is the largest city along the Cote d'Azur and makes an ideal home-base for seeing all the nearby sights, including our side-trip to Monaco, the world's smallest and richest country.
NiceNice, France: Old Town stroll: The Old Town of Nice, in Provence, France, is one of those wonderful neighborhoods to explore on foot.
NICENice, France: evening stroll in the Old Town: The Old Town of Nice in Provence has a special charm you do not find in the rest of the city.
Nice tramNice: take a look at the beach, then have a walk through downtown, which has been transformed by recent improvements, including a new tram.
France Riviera Cote d'AzurNice Old Town is something special -- just the total atmosphere, the environment, the simple walking lanes, the shops and the people.
Nice eveningNice, France Castle Hill view at Dusk and Dawn -- We are taking you to the great viewpoint for sunset looking down over the town and the harbor.
Nice wineNice, France Beaujolais Nouveau. How can you beat that, free wine in the south of France on the day of Beaujolais Nouveau.
NiceNice: Upon arrival in Nice the first thing you will want to do is take a walk along the shore on the Promenade des Anglais enjoying the serene views.
Nice Nice: features three video screens running simultaneously. Take a walk in the historic Old Town and downtown.
Cannes Old Town Cannes is famous for the Film Festival and home to several super-deluxe luxury hotels. The coastal town of Antibes can easily be explored in a couple of hours.
CannesCannes is one of the most legendary of towns along the Riviera, yet the less-know town of Antibes is even more charming.
France Riviera Cote d'AzurCannes: It's an easy four-block walk from the train station to the shore where you can have a peek at the high life exemplified in the extraordinary hotel palaces
Monaco casinoMonaco Boasting the highest per-capita income, Monaco is the world's richest and most-densely populated country, just under one square mile, half the size of New York's Central Park.
Monaco portMonaco The world's most deluxe country. This program will focus on the two main areas for the visitor: The old town and Monte Carlo, with the casino and elegant shops.
Villefrance, FranceVillefranche The bus from Nice lets you off in Villefranche, then into a small pedestrian maze of alleys which leads you towards the waterfront in a few minutes.
VenceVence We're going to the little medieval village of Vence by public bus, quite inexpensive. This, too, is the typical Provencal village.
France Riviera Cote d'AzurVence, with its pedestrian zone makes a very worthwhile daytrip -- It's an easy bus ride from Nice -- it takes just over one hour to get there.
Nice Monaco Monaco and Nice along the Cote d'Azur, an ideal home-base for seeing all the nearby Riviera sights, including our side-trip to Monaco.
Villefranche Three screens Villefranhce and Monaco quick look. Nestled into the Mediterranean shores, these two nearby destinations present a comparison.
France Riviera Cote d'AzurSt Paul: we will take you on a walk through the village in the late afternoon and early evening when the lighting is at its most beguiling
France Riviera Cote d'AzurSt Paul: we are going to walk along its entire length from one end to the other along a coblestone lane lined with galleries in ancient buildings.
France Riviera Cote d'AzurSt-Paul is a medieval village built with stone structures that date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. It's only about a half-mile long and a quarter-mile wide, but each little Lane is worth a close look.
St Paul de Vence Grasse, Vence, and St-Paul-de-Provence: perfectly preserved medieval towns of Provence surrounded by the original wall -- St Paul is filled with many enticing art galleries.
three screens Three screens Grasse, Vence & St Paul: A convenient day-trip by public bus brings you to these wonderful villages in the south of France, each with historic pedestrian zones and special character.
Grasse Grasse is another of the beautiful hill-towns of Provence, in the south of France along the Côte d'Azur. The historic Old Town of Grasse is made up of narrow pedestrian lanes lined with shops and cafes.
Grasse VenceGrasse, Vence & St-Paul These three small towns in Provence are definitely worth visiting, especially St. Paul, a perfectly preserved medieval town surrounded by the original wall.