Heidelberg arrival Heidelberg Arrive by train, then begin with a walking tour in the old town, learning the history and getting money out of the cash machine; visit the famous pub, Red Ox. travel video
Germany Heidelberg Heidelberg part 1 Walking tour in small lanes and on the Hauptstrasse, food bargains, museum, performers and artists - one of Germany's best-preserved towns.
Heidelberg castle Heidelberg part 2 We visit the most important sight in Heidelberg -- the magnificent castle on the hill - architecture of matching facades and earth-tone color schemes. travel video
Heidelberg Neckar Heidelberg part 3 travel video Boat ride on the Neckar River and afternoon stroll up the hill to the Philosopher's Walk. Late in the afternoon is a perfect time for a stroll.
Heidelberg astle Heidelberg Continuing our tour of the Castle on the hill overlooking the city, then walk along the Hauptstrasse past performers, artists, sidewalk cafes and great restaurants.
Hauptstrasse, Heidelberg, GermanyHeidelberg has a long pedestrian lane down the middle called Hauptstrasse, one of Europe's oldest pedestrian zones, a great place for strolling, eating and shopping.
Heidelberg streets Heidelberg Starting with breakfast at our favorite, the Hotel Hollanderhof, we take another walk and visit the Kurpfalzisches Museum and the main town square, always full of activity.
Heidelberg Neckar River Heidelberg Boat trip on the Neckar River to Neckarsteinach. Back in Heidelberg we enjoy wine-tasting in a friendly cellar and more walks in town. Next day we depart by train.
Heidelberg University Heidelberg Arrival at Frankfurt Airport then shuttle van to Heidelberg for breakfast at our hotel. After this refreshing break we enjoy a short orientation walk in town.
Heidelberg castle Heidelberg Castle The most important site in Heidelberg is the castle up on the hill, offering a fine view of the Old Town below.