New-Zealand Summary New Zealand & Sydney, including Auckland, Rotorua, Queenstown, Christchurch, Wellington. City and country, Australia and New Zealand. travel video
Auckland Auckland is the biggest city of New Zealand with a thriving downtown and pleasant suburbs where most live. Detailed travel video.
Rotorua Rotorua is famous for the strong local Maori culture and for the boiling hot-pots of mud powered by geothermal. travel video
Queenstown Queenstown is the vacation center of the South Island, noted for the rugged outdoor activities and scenery, busy during all four seasons
Queenstown Queenstown village center is quite attractive, with a pedestrian mall and many blocks of shops and restaurants, along with the lakeshore promenade.
Christchurch Christchurch they say is the most British city outside England, with punters on the River Avon and flower gardens around most homes.
Wellington Wellington is the capital city and center of arts, movie production and cultural affairs. Cuba St Mall is a lovely focal point for downtown. travel video
Sydney Sydneyranks among the world's great cities, with the lively harbor, major downtown, scintillating neighborhoods and regional attractions to keep you busy.
hawaii parade Hawaii parade featuring dancers from the Polynesian Cultural center
yosakaoi danceYosakoi parade

dance 1

dance 2

yosakoi parade hawaiiYosakoi parade

dance 3

dance 4