Salzburg visit Perfect day in Salzburg, Austria includes the castle, walking the narrow lanes, enjoying great views from Kapuzinerberg and Monchsberg hills.
Salzburg arrival Salzburg Arrival and summary; then we visit the castle above town, Hohensalzburg Fortress, reaching it by funicular rack rail then walking through the medieval site. travel video
Salzburg alleys Salzburg alleys: We're going to have some fun in Salzburg wandering up and down the little alleyways these are side lanes that go off from the main pedestrian lane.
fort Hohensalzburg Fortress: Salzburg’s most important attraction is the Hohensalzburg Fortress, a spectacular castle on the hill
Austria  Salzburg Salzburg travel video Getreidegasse, street festival, Mirabell Garden, Kapuzinerberg, trip to Lake Wolfgang, St. Gilgen, Hotel Goldener Hirsch, depart, comments.
Salzburg walking tour Salzburg travel video walking tour -food market, Franziskanner Church, Mirabell Gardens and Palace, Kapuzin Hill viewpoint, and more walking in the quiet lanes of the Old Town.
Salzburg lakes Salzburg Lakes and mountains: We drive through the Salzkammergut, visiting a beautiful landscape of lakes and mountains just outside Salzburg, Austria, including boat ride.
Salzburg Mirabel Gardens Salzburg Mirabel Gardens - beautiful floral displays, palace and Baroque Museum. We walk through the Old Town, then take a trip to the Lake District. travel video
Salzburg lake district Salzburg Bus ride through the scenic mountains to Lake Wolfgang, visit the lovely village of St.Wolfgang, enjoying an outdoor cafe by the lakeand walk the lanes. travel video
Salzburg festival Salzburg, Austria hosts the famous St. Rupert’s Fair (Rupertikirtag) that celebrates the founding saint. It goes for five days filled with music, dance and carnival rides with lots of food, beer and wine
Salzburg music dance Salzburg Festival: Salzburg’s annual celebration of the St. Rupert Fair includes lots of music and dance performances, some of which we show you here.
Salzburg beer Salzburg St. Rupert's Fair beer tent is a lively center of action with lots of music, beer, happy people and beer. Similar to Oktoberfest in Munich, which happens at the same time.