florenceFLORENCE An entire page filled with many movies about this main city of Tuscany, the cradle of the Renaissance.
pisa Pisa 2012: It is very easy and enjoyable to walk to the Leaning Tower from the train station through the heart of Pisa in the Old Town pedestrian zone. Part 1
pisa tower Pisa 2012: Leaning Tower of Pisa: we walk up the narrow spiral steps and get a fine view looking out over Pisa, Italy. Then stroll back through the old town. Part 2
Pisa Leaning Tower Pisa: An easy day-trip from Florence. We walk through the Old Town pedestrian lanes. to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and visit inside the Duomo.
pisa Pisa 2010 arrive by train, visit the Leaning Tower and the Duomo Cathderal, walking tour through the old town back to the train station.
Pisa Pisa travel with our art history student group from Punahou as we explore Pisa, Italy.
Siena Italy Siena Explore pedestrian lanes and the Cathedral, with art by Michelangelo, Bernini, Pintoricchio, Pisano. Campo, City Hall. Walk with a local guide, learning the history.
dennis volterra, tuscany Volterra, one of the oldest and most charming towns in Tuscany, Italy, with a large pedestrian zone surrounded by a medieval stone wall. Many buildings are 500 years old.
Volterra walk Volterra Part 1: Walking tour of this ancient walled-town in Tuscany, with local guide Annie Adair, who describes the early history and brings us to the main piazza and cathedral.
Volterra walk2 Volterra Part 2: the Baptistery and Cathedral form the core of Piazza San Giovani, the religious center of town, with a history reaching back nearly 1,000 years. Annie Adair explains.
Volterra walk3 Volterra Part 3: Passeggiata in Volterra, Tuscany, on small pedestrian lanes is a time for locals to say hello, have a drink, walk the dog and see their friends. Annie Adair guides us.
Gubbio1 Gubbio: in Umbria, is one of the largest and best-preserved medieval towns in Italy. Take a walking tour - narrow lanes, picturesque stream, ancient stone buildings. part 1
Gubbio2 Gubbio: Visiting Palazzo dei Consoli, Piazza Grande and the City Hall, the Palazzo del Podesta in Gubbio, a well-preserved medieval town in Umbria, Italy. Part 2
Gubbio3 Gubbio, Italy: one of Europe's beautiful medieval walled towns is best seen in a walking tour, then ride up the Funivia, a cable-car like an open birdcage on a wire. Part 3
Gubbio4 Gubbio, Umbria. Visiting some neighborhood shops gives us a look at life in Gubbio, Italy, an ancient walled city with a small-town atmosphere of friendly people. Part 4
Gubbio5 Gubbio Truffles: are found in abundance in the hills around Gubbio, Umbria in Italy. We visit a truffle shop and have truffle dinner at San Francesco e il Lupo. Part 5
Gubbio6 Gubbio Dinner: at home with Isabella Ceccarelli and family in their large dining room that was a medieval tavern. We sample the wines and enjoy a great meal! Part 6
Perugia, the main city of Umbria, Italy, offers many attractions including lively pedestrian lanes, palaces, art by native son Perugino, an underground city.